Frequently Asked Moving Questions

Q: Can I leave clothes in my dresser drawers?
A: Yes. Clothing is fine to leave in dresser drawers. Please remove other small items like remotes, trinkets etc.

Q: Does the My Movers crew take apart beds, detach and re-install washer+dryer, and other deconstruction/reconstruction of furniture?
A: Yes. There is no extra charge for this. We come equipped with a standard toolbox for these tasks. Please let us know if there is a grandfather clock, baby-grand piano, or other special care piece which will need to be moved: we have special equipment for these items.

Q: So...does My Movers move pianos?
A: Yes. Again, no extra charge. Baby grand pianos and sometimes upright/player pianos require our piano board so please let us know in advance if you have these items so we can be prepared.

Q: Can you guys move a gunsafe?
A: Yes. We move gun safes. We have a specialized hydraulic dolly capable of moving a safe up to 1,100 pounds up or down stairs (if the stairs are ready for it).

Q: Does My Movers move out of state or long distance?
A: Yes, we offer competitive rates for moves in the Midwest all the way south to Florida and eastward to the Atlantic. For longer distance moves Westward, to California or Oregon, we can help you to strategize the best way to affordably move your belongings. (See below)

Q: Does My Movers offer loading and unloading services for my rental truck?
A: Yes. Call us to discuss loading your UDistance, Penske, Enterprise rental truck, ABF container. We typically send a crew in our panel van equipped with dollies,tools and pads for protecting your home. *You must provide your own pads for your rental truck and adequate strapping (nylon rope is fine) to tie down furniture safely. 

Q: Can My Movers help with internal moves that do not require a truck?
A: Yes. As in the section about rental trucks above, we send out a crew with dollies, tools and pads for doing internal work within your home or office. 

Q: Does My Movers offer a service to move one piece of furniture or just a few pieces?
A: Yes. We can do this. We have a minimum 2 hour charge (inclusive of drive time) but many customers find that our rates are affordable for this type of work. 

Q: Is there anything My Movers does not move?
A: For liability reasons and for maintaining our insurance policy we do not move gasoline, liquid chemicals, paints, propane, ammunition, guns (rifle or handgun), explosives, live animals, partially filled aquariums, or hot tubs. 

Q: How far in advance should I book my move?
A: Generally we start to book out 2 weeks in advance, particularly on Friday and Saturday. There is no fast rule to our availability, but often the beginning and end of the month fills up quickly so call in to check on availability.

Q: Is there a deposit required?
A: No deposit necessary. Payment can be made at the end of the job via Cash, Check or Credit/Debit. Note that Credit/Debit payments incur a 3% processing fee (payable to Wall St. New York, NY.) 

Q: What ways can I best save time & money on my move?

A: Good question and a multi part answer:
#1. The most effective way to save time & money on moving day is to be properly packed up. Condense smaller objects into larger, and ideally, uniformly sized boxes label simply and clearly.

#2. Decide before hand what goes, what stays and have a rough idea of where you want things to be placed in the new home. Color coded labeling, such as getting a colorful pack of post-it notes or colored tape, is a great and simple way to label your items to ensure the guys put your furniture and boxes in the proper location without having to ask your guidance too often.

If you are not sure where you want some furniture or boxes, having the guys put it in the garage or a designated staging area is a good way to keep things flowing while you have time to think. We are always happy to move things around and help reorganize at the end of the unload to give you a head start into feeling comfortable in your new home.

#3. Mention all items that will go at the beginning of the job when the crew arrives. Overlooking the attic, basement storage, back patio furniture or other 'surprise' closets/rooms can throw off the fluidity of the pack job and delay loading.

#4. Disassemble beds and other furniture yourself, if you have the will and energy. It is a common part of our job and we are capable and are not bothered by doing these tasks, but they do take time.

#5. Consider moving a handful of selected fragile items, like ornate lamp shades, heirloom statuettes, family phonographs, in your personal vehicle. This saves the packer considerable time wrapping, securing and working around fragile and easily damaged objects. For long distance moves, have these items securely and safely packed and ready to go.

Thank You and Have A Happy Move!

Thomas R
My Movers Inc.


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