Loading/Unloading Services

My Movers understands the potential complications and headaches that go along with moving. We provide loading unloading moving services for you if you just want to watch!

Whether it's one item or a whole household, local or long distance, our team and trucks are fully equipped to handle your move. Contact My Movers to consult with our moving expert on all of your moving and packing needs and get the best moving quotes. We provide skilled and knowledgeable moving labor that makes it easy when moving stuff to your new home.

Worried about your large items? Our team of full service movers and large item movers can ease the stress of any move no matter the size.

We provide a large selection of packing materials at the best prices to meet your needs such as:


X-Large (22x22x21.5) - $3.75

MedLarge (18x18x24) - $3.10

Medium (18x18x18) - $2.60

Small (Book Box) - $2.00

Dish Pack - $6.00

Lamp Box - $4.50

Wardrobe (+Crossbar) - $13.00

Wardrobe Rental (+Crossbar) - $8.00